Total Whole Grain

Total Whole Grain has a top rating for nutrition on the market. The whole grain flakes are light and crunchy, without tasting like lots of sugar. Also tastes great with fruit on top. Cost: $4.99 Cost per serving: 49 cents Weight: 10.6 ounces Taste: 3 1/2 Star Nutrition: 5 Star

Cracklin’ Oatbran

Cracklin’ Oatbran has a brown sugar taste but is very crunchy unless you let it soak for five minutes. It is a very unique taste and there is nothing like it on the market. Cost: $4.99 Cost per serving: 49 cents Weight: 17 ounces Taste: 3 1/2 Star Nutrition: 2 Star

Chocolate Cheerios

Chocolate Cheerios has a light cocoa flavor and crunch. I thought the cereal is ok if you love chocolate, but is a little boring. The cereal does not really taste like anything else but chocolate flavored oat rings. Cost: $6.99 Cost per serving: 18 cents Weight: 36 ounces Taste: 2 Star Nutrition: 2 1/2 Star